It’s been a long road since I started. Is surprising, even for me, when I look back, already more than 22 years of coaching people.

What started as a voluntary job at midday in middle and high school became my passion and my profession.

All my life practicing sports: futsal, kickboxing, boxing, karate, then fitness, running, and the end triathlon.

By the way, my name is Carlos and I am originally from Catalonia, on 2012 I left home with a dream: to work as a coach with professional athletes.

And I did it!

I worked with professional tennis players, soccer players, handball players, professional triathletes, and professional cyclists.

I had the opportunity to help some of them with their preparations toward:

  • Olympic games RIO 2016
  • World handball championship 2018
  • Japan tour (cycling cup)
  • Spanish record Ultramarathon cycling non-stop.

But that is not everything, I also helped a lot of people to manage their weight, get in shape, to rehabilitate from hernia and sciatica, or just improve their skills when comes to lifting weights, or help them to get better at CrossFit.

Also, I helped people to prepare for their first triathlon and I had been leading during the last year a running team in which all runners are people with special needs and it’s been an awesome experience!

All this experience didn’t encounter me by accident, I prepared consciously:

  • Triathlon coach level III by FETRI
  • Sport coaching
  • Professional & Life Coaching
  • Cycling trainer
  • Nutrition specialist
  • TRX and Rip trainer
  • Spinning instructor star 2
  • Certified Personal trainer