Nutrition should be seen as a priority. Lots of people nowadays are shifting to the mindset of, I must work I will eat later, as you probably know, this is a really bad approach.

It is like to say, and sorry for the cliché, my car needs gas I will tank in 200km, probably you will not arrive.

Then people ask themselves why in the last 15 years I have gained so much weight, well the reasons can be one of them:

  1. eating without organization
  2. jumping meals
  3. eating fast food
  4. drinking too much alcohol or carbonated drinks
  5. dieting all the time
  6. bad sleeping
  7. too little exercise
  8. high stress
  9. little time to meditate
  10. no enjoying meals

At SEMPERFIT, we develop a series of Nutrition workshops for companies. We teach meals that are:

  • Fast to prepare
  • Healthy AF
  • Very nutritive

A part of that in our workshops we teach people in a very simple and easy way, how to organize, the importance of macronutrients, how to eat to keep full longer time…

OK, THAT’S AWESOME, BUT you might ask, what do I get for it?

Simple, if your employees have the right nutrition:

  • Increase production at work
  • Improve mood during working hours
  • Less sick leaves
  • Higher capacity for problem-solving
  • Increase creativity
  • Decrease the rate of accidents at work

And I think those are very interesting outcomes for your company, it translates to higher benefits.

And that is not all, when as a CEO, or director of HR contract you are telling your people that


Peanut butter protein bars, tasty!

Don’t worry we’ve got your back.

Let’s talk.