When we started to think about doing online training was because we were having a lot of rejections from people, not because our programs were soft or bad, but because we were working with highly successful, and busy individuals that they had to cancel almost every appointment.

  • mums and dads with busy schedules and kids
  • mums and with newborns
  • busy businessmen and businesswomen
  • people with busy agendas
  • entrepreneurs
  • company owners
  • doctors
  • lawyers
  • bankers
  • ….

They were paying for a service, mostly personal training, and they weren’t able to compromise to exercise regularly.

As a trainer was frustrating.

As a client, I think so.

We start to ask ourselves WHAT were the reasons, and we came up with few explanations WHY was this happening:

  • Driving to the gym, depending which time of the day was THE real DEAL.
  • Prepare gym bag at nights or at morning, sometimes was difficult.
  • Training at gym facilities it takes approximately 2h of time, AND not everybody has them.
  • Busy mum with a newborn! No way she can make it ever!

We thought we need it to do something to help them, and we came up with the idea of online live training

Probably you are thinking if they couldn’t compromise with a regular training, how they will do it online?

Well, not everybody fits in this group, but if you are reading this maybe you do. Keep on!

I must recognize I had the same question: Why they will do it online if they can’t do it in the gym!? Was answered by itself:

  • The training is TIME-optimized:
    1. 55 minutes of training (warm-up included)
    2. No need of driving to gym
    3. No need to search for parking at training facilities,
    4. No bath at gym after exercise (I hope you all do it at home after online sessions!!)
    5. No need of driving back home, because all of that is done from home, seaside apartment/ house or from hotel’s room.
  • Training format: Group; the trainer is not coming for you only, but for the whole class, which make it easier for the individuals to not feel bad if they cancel at last-moment. ( Online personal training it is also possible to do as well)
    • training routines are live training
    • Recording a training session, we don’t do it. Mostly busy people don’t, they found hundreds of things to do before to watch and exercise, and then they have no feedback!
  • More time at home, kids can be around.
  • We have families/ couples that they workout together at evenings with us, and that makes us feel very proud!
    • Strengthen relationship between couples,
    • becomes and example to kids (if they have)
    • and they can practice together if the have kids, otherwise they would need to search for babysitting
  • Perfect for busy moms with no time their fitness goals can be achieved faster, they get back on track sooner and still they can take care of their little kids if they need.

So, if sounds good enough, what do you need?

  • Will to exercise, but being a such a person like you are, and willing to get your fitness goals that is the easiest part. Think that other people like YOU will connect from their homes, every training.
  • WIFI connection and gmail account.
  • Smart phone or personal computer.
  • 2 square meters to exercising, sometimes with 1 square meter will be more than enough.
  • A kettlebell, is very easy to move it and to save it at home, if you don’t have it or don’t know what to buy, no problem we send it to you at home.
  • Water, training mat, and a towel. Be ready for the burn & sweat, because we promise you that: YOU WILL SWEAT!

What do you get?

  • A supportive community, the group is engaging, everybody is there for the same reason get fitter!
  • Fixed schedule
  • Lots of fun & motivation.
  • Never cancel a training (with some exceptions; earthquake, illness, my kid’s wedding)
  • Live corrections of your form in a very positive way.
  • The intensity of training is built up over the training and over the training sessions, so anyone is able to follow up.
  • Exercises explained all the time .
  • Monthly program.
  • Workouts easy to follow.
  • Entertainment during workouts
  • Enough exercise knowledge to gym by yourself other days of the week.
  • Whole body workouts
  • Lessons are in English
  • Group length: 8 people maximum.

So if you are:

  • a busy individual,
  • having a newborn,
  • working from home,
  • having your own company,
  • travelling a lot
  • working with a very tight agenda
  • having a family
  • ready to exercise, but time is precious


Below you can contact us to get a free class or a consultation, we can make a video call over google meets, so you get to know us first!