Making a healthier society

through sport, awareness, and lifestyle

Almost everything starts with a story, our mission also, back in 2014, I created CPM Training & Coaching.

CPM means Carlos Plata Martinez, although I was proud of it, something was missing, I was feeling that CPM was not telling enough, it was a bit too egocentric, and was focusing just on myself as a coach, and I forgot the real purpose of our profession: HELP PEOPLE.

However, I kept the name because I felt nothing else was defining better what I was doing, at the end, I was just feeding my ego, couldn’t let go of this CPM because would hurt too much.

I remember having a conversation with my wife, was early 2022 after lunch, we were discussing the pros and cons of being a coach all my life, and how to keep up with the rhythm.

“We get older, perhaps energy is not the same, we are seeing life from a different perspective, we are not able to be in so good shape as we were during our 30s, competition is younger… and if you didn’t succeed until now, perhaps is time to change the path…”

I must admit something about her was true, but not everything, especially the part about being fit after the 40s, and staying up on the duty to coach others.

It is a big thing to stay in shape, especially when we get older, but that is possible. It is possible to keep training all your life and coach others as well. It can be done.

All this, gave me something to think about, after I made a short introspection, something inside my gut grew up, and I said to her textually:

“Honey, remember that: I’ll be fit my whole life”

And without knowing it yet, that was the breaking point of SEMPER FIT.

For some time I leave this idea to grow up by itself until the point it was too big and too important to just ignore it. At that moment I decided to make SEMPER FIT the engine of CPM Training & Coaching, the mission of this company created in 2014.


  • Making fitter those after their 40’s.
  • Helping people to have a healthier back and a pain-free life.
  • Assisting people to integrate proper nutrition into their lifestyles.
  • Inspire young people to practice sport and/or start to lift to fight obesity.
  • Inspire those around us to be healthier, fitter, and happier.
  • Making sport accessible to anyone.
  • Cut the poverty cycle.