Are sciatica and hernia a life sentence?

During my years living abroad, I had the chance to meet a lot of people from great professionals in the sports field and be the coach of many professional sportsmen.

From all of them, I learned a lot and I am very thankful for that.

Back injuries rehabilitation was a phase of my life that had started while I was joining, as a visitor, the trainings of one of the top handball professional teams.

The physical preparator is a person full of knowledge and I could join him anytime, I was very lucky.

After some time I got the opportunity to work with him on a project: we had the rehabilitation of a woman, overweight and with a discus hernia.

She was working with me as a client and one day at the start of the training doing some exercise she started to cry, and saying to me: Carlos I am sorry, I am sorry

I didn’t understand anything until told me she forgot to tell me something: she had a hernia in her back.

I remember I was frozen. The first question was: did I make that? But she immediately read in my face and said I had nothing to do with it she started to have pain before she started to workout with me. I relaxed a bit but a new challenge was coming and I need to help her.

She told me she had already been put on the waiting list for an operation, but somehow I managed to convince her to take a long way and trust me. Because in the end, she could go to operation any time and I know the perfect guy that could jump with us and start working with her.

We started to work up to the point that she had no more pain, she could start to do movements that during the injury time were impossible to do, after some time she started to move healthier, get back into trainings, she lost 40kg of weight and of course, the injury disappear.

After some time I met her again and not just she was enjoying a very active lifestyle; cycling, and hiking… She became a ski teacher one of her goals during her rehabilitation process.

After her, I got many clients, all different individuals: from young people to older, men, and women, with different occupations, and different hobbies.

They all rehabilitate except one, because the client relaxed as the good feeling in his back started to come back, and felt stronger and more confident, at the start of our rehabilitation I mention to the client this moment, to not listen to the body at all and keep working on the exercises, didn’t listen and working at home lifting something from the ground the pain came back, so the client decided to operate his back.

With that, I meant to say that most of the time during your rehabilitation I need you to fully trust me and be fully compromised with the process because is the only way we can help you to stay with your pain-free back.

Like a torn ankle, back problems can be treated, they are not life sentences, you don’t need to get used to living in pain, there is no reason for it.

Send me an email with your questions I believe I can address them to you and help you to live without this fear of what will happen if I do this..? NO MORE THAT.


Mojca Janc

Andrej Opresnik

Biljana Rakanovic

Tjasa Ovcar