If you arrive here, chances are that either you are searching for personal training or you are in search of information about how to hire a personal trainer.

When in a conversation appears the word: personal training, people have the tendency to think about weight loss, some of them think about building muscle. However, the concept of personal training is broader than that.

First, you must know what you want to achieve, then the trainer/ coach will appear.

Below you will find some reasons why to have a personal trainer, at the bottom, you will find the reasons why to start working with me:

  • Individualized programming: any good personal training program is adjusting the training to the client’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • Time optimization: when you work with a personal trainer, will plan your workout towards quality and results.
  • Goal-oriented: any program, any training, will have a goal.
  • Nutrition on point: with a personal trainer you will have the chance to learn more about nutrition, that is: how to eat, what to eat, when to eat and why to eat it. A trainer that is worth it will take time to educate you.
  • Training schedule adapted to yours: no matter how busy you are, a personal trainer will find time to be available when you need it.
  • Full attention during workouts from the trainer: that is one of the most valuable aspects of personal training, the trainer will be there for you, and will have eyes for you, making sure no injury will happen and that you are doing things right.
  • Learning is part of the journey: personal training, unless you want it, isn’t a lifelong service, takes place during some time, 6 months, one year, two… but, eventually you must fly alone, and the most important part is that after end this process you know how to workout alone.

Personal training is individualized

Now that you know about personal training and personal trainer, let’s understand why to work with me:

FLEXIBLE: ready to work out anywhere, anytime, just challenge me.

EXPERIENCE: more than 22 years are backing up my profession. And more than a thousand people too.

LEVEL: no matter your level, I am going to adapt the training to you. Just ask and I’ll get you back.

OPTIONS: from personal training one-on-one, until reduced groups. Online, live, just ask we’ll fix it.

RESPONSIBILITY: You will receive the training the day you have to. I will make you feel comfortable.

TESTING: I will make tests regularly to make sure we are progressing.

CONTACT: you can connect with me over my networks, email, or WhatsApp.

COACHING: I will use the right techniques and respect your learning time.

NUTRITION: You can turn to me any time to talk about nutrition and supplements

A selfie would be a good thing if the training is on the point!