Triathlon is an amazing sport, not only for what you feel after you cross the finish line, but for what you become during the training process.

If you are thinking to do your first triathlon, sign up now! If you want to get on a new distance do it, we invite you to send your questions and we will answer you without compromise.

At SEMPER TRIFIT we offer you:

  • Online coaching:
    1. for Sprint to Long distances, if you decide to be part of our team, no matter where you are, we will send you a monthly program adapted to your needs, 24/7 consultation over email or whatsapp, and video analysis of your technique.
Online coaching, run to your next triathlon, receive all training program at home.
  • Triathlon camps:
    • That’s our star project, ask for more information because every year we are opening sign-ups for groups. Send us an email on the contact page and quickly we will answer you:
      1. Triathlon training: focused on make you better instead of leaving you empty and totally tired. We want you to race faster, stronger, and in the zone, so we will work on your strategy and skills as a triathlete sector by sector, and your training zones.
      2. Nutrition: preparing quick and nutritive meals for your trainings, for recovery, to build muscle, to lose weight, during the camp we will talk about nutrition and prepare several delicious meals.
      3. Mindfulness: we will help you to develop some useful techniques to apply during your triathlons and hard trainings, positive self-talk, arousal control
      4. Strength & core: if your limbs are not connected, your body is not working as one, you’ll probably not achieve all your potential, we will help you to get a foundation so when you will hit the gym, you will be able to take everything from every workout. Basic bodyweight movement, core exercises explained to the detail and basic lifts that will help you to be a stronger and resilient triathlete
      5. Tourism and travel: With us you will discover SPAIN from native point of view, we will take you to places where agencies are not going. So simple.
Triathlon camps in Spain